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Advanced Dental Technology for Faster, More Accurate, and More Comfortable Care

At Hue Dental, PLLC, we believe that you deserve the best treatment possible. For this reason, we incorporate the latest dental technology into our practice. With digital x-rays and cone beam scans, Dr. Nghi Tran, DDS, FAGD, FICOI, can provide accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. In addition, thanks to our array of advanced surgical tools, we offer precise treatments that result in minimal discomfort. For example, with dental lasers, we can remove very small amounts of tissue with little impact on the rest of your mouth. In addition, our radiosurgery instruments allow us to perform accurate and efficient periodontal treatments.

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Digital X-Rays Provide Sharp, Accurate Images

X-rays have long been standard in dentistry. Intraoral x-rays will capture pictures of individual teeth, and they can help your dentist diagnose decay and other concerns. Extraoral images will show your entire jaw and dental arches. These pictures can be useful in the diagnosis of misalignment, impacted teeth, and related concerns.

At Hue Dental, we use advanced digital x-rays, which are sharper than traditional film images. After taking the needed pictures, your dentist can project them on a chairside computer screen. There, he can magnify the images many times to reveal even very small areas of dental damage. He can also explain the pictures to you so that you will be up-to-date about your oral health. In many cases, we will use the small, handheld NOMADTM x-ray unit for even less radiation exposure than other machines. This device can also make the imaging process easier, faster, and more comfortable.

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3-D Cone Beam CT Scanner

Like extraoral x-rays, a CT scanner will show pictures of your entire mouth. However, using cone-shaped beams of light, a CT scan will actually produce three-dimensional images. These pictures can be particularly useful when Dr. Tran is planning for precise dental implant surgery. He can look for areas where your jaw may have started to recede. He can also determine whether you might need bone grafting surgery. Finally, your dentist can find the strongest areas for your implants, positioning them in a way that will maximize the esthetics and functionality.

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Dental Lasers for Precise Periodontal Care

Dental lasers are incredibly accurate, and we can use them to perform periodontal treatment. If you suffer from gum disease, we will often recommend scaling and root planing. Using a periodontal laser, your dentist or hygienist will eliminate pockets of bacteria from your gums. He or she will also smooth your tooth roots. This process will help to keep bacteria from returning, since the excess surface area can often trap harmful microbes. We can perform scaling and root planing using manual tools. However, laser treatment will significantly improve your treatment outcome. It will not impact the healthy parts of your gums, so the procedure will involve minimal discomfort.

Radiosurgery and LED Lights

Radiosurgery is an innovative treatment that uses high-power radio waves to create incisions and remove small amounts of tissue. Dr. Tran can use radiosurgery techniques to perform a wide range of treatments. These include:

Radiosurgery techniques do not involve incisions, heat, or unpleasant vibrations. In addition, like lasers, these tools will seal blood vessels during treatment. As a result, you should experience very little bleeding. With radiosurgery, we can often complete your treatment in less time and with fewer office visits.

Finally, no matter which treatment you are going to receive, our advance LED lights will illuminate the treatment area. The cool light will be more pleasant for you, and it will enable us to perform more accurate procedures.