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Without proper preventive care, it is almost impossible to maintain your healthy smile. Contact Hue Dental to schedule your appointment.

Top-Notch Preventive Dentistry Can Protect Your Healthy Smile for Life

At Hue Dental, PLLC, we are committed to your ongoing oral health. For this reason, routine preventive dentistry is a vital part of our practice. Along with his entire team, Dr. Nghi Tran, DDS, FAGD, FICOI, offers thorough exams and cleanings. These biannual appointments can greatly reduce your risk for cavities and gum disease. Additionally, regular visits can also help us to diagnose and treat other serious oral-systemic conditions. These concerns include oral cancer, bruxism, snoring, and TMJ Disorder. As a family practice, we also provide preventive treatment for kids. Sealants and fluoride treatments can reduce your child’s risk for decay, allowing him or her to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come.

Why Is Preventive Care So Important?

Dental decay is a common problem, but, with proper care, it is also easy to avoid. Oral bacteria will gradually build up in your mouth, even when you brush and floss your teeth daily. These bacteria will feed off of the sugar in your food. As they feed, acid will form, and it will gradually work its way through your dental enamel. A cavity will develop, and bacteria will move further into your teeth.

In addition to the harm that bacteria can do to your teeth, they can also be very detrimental to your periodontal health. As microbes build up, they will gather along your gum line, eventually moving deeper into your soft tissues. Pockets of bacteria will form, which will cause gum recession and bone resorption. This condition is known as periodontal disease, or gum disease, and it is the leading cause of adult tooth loss.

Preventive treatment is intended to combat decay and gum disease before they develop. Regular cleanings can eliminate the bacteria responsible for these conditions. Dr. Tran will also examine your mouth to look for the early signs of cavities and periodontitis. Then he can treat the problems before they seriously affect your long-term oral health.

What Should You Expect during Your Regular Appointment?

At your preventive dentistry visit, your hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth. She will gently remove the oral bacteria that you cannot eliminate on your own. She will also get rid of any plaque or tartar. These substances develop when bacteria build up in your mouth, and they will keep the microbes directly in contact with your teeth. Our team uses very gentle techniques, and most people find our cleanings to be relaxing and stress-free.

Once the cleaning is finished, your dentist will conduct your exam. With a visual assessment, he will look for signs of decay, as well as chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and gum inflammation. Typically, he will take x-rays once a year. With our state-of-the-art digital images, we can diagnose cavities, infection, and misalignment – often before you notice any pain or other symptoms. Then we can provide appropriate, conservative care.

Treatment for Bruxism, TMJ Disorder, and Snoring

Along with routine exams and cleanings, we also offer treatment for a number of systemic disorders. Bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, can wear down your teeth and put tremendous pressure on your jaw. Often, it can also lead to the development of TMJ Disorder. TMD can cause chronic headaches and significant jaw pain, among other symptoms. We can often treat both bruxism and TMD with custom-made oral appliances. A bruxism mouth guard will prevent your teeth from touching, while a TMD appliance will realign your jaw to reduce the pressure on your joints. Similarly, we can provide an oral appliance to reduce snoring. Your custom-made device will realign your jaw to lift your soft palate and open up your airways.

Effective Preventive Care for All Ages

We also offer a number of preventive treatments that are particularly beneficial for children. Administered as a gel, varnish, or rinse, fluoride supplements will strengthen your child’s enamel and reduce the risk of decay. Once his or her adult molars start to come in, Dr. Tran will place liquid sealants over the tops of your child’s teeth. The material will harden and form a barrier to keep bacteria from building up inside the deep grooves.