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Do not suffer from a dental emergency any longer than necessary. Contact our office immediately for the care you need.

Emergency Dentistry When You Need Us Most

When a dental problem arises suddenly and without warning, it can be very frightening. It can also cause severe discomfort that may affect your ability to chew, speak, and even sleep. Fortunately, at Hue Dental, PLLC, we offer emergency dentistry services to patients. We are easily accessible at all hours of the day, and we can often get you in for a same-day appointment. In the meantime, we can provide tips and guidance to help you minimize your discomfort while you wait. Whether you are suffering from a broken tooth, knocked out tooth, severe toothache, or some other concern, we are ready to provide the timely and compassionate care you need.

After Hours Services

Dental emergencies are never convenient. However, when they occur after business hours, you may panic, thinking you will have to wait days to receive treatment. At Hue Dental, we are always here for you. When you call into the office after hours, it will forward to our emergency line. Then we can provide over-the-phone guidance to minimize your discomfort and reduce dental damage. We will schedule you for an appointment as soon as possible – often that same day! Though we are committed to our established patients, we are happy to provide emergency services for new patients, as well.

What to Do If You Experience a Dental Emergency

Proper care will depend on the type and severity of your dental emergency. We will evaluate your problem and provide appropriate, personalized guidance.

Long-Term Solutions for Dental Emergencies

These initial home treatments can reduce discomfort. However, when you come into the office, we will provide treatment to restore your long-term dental function. Again, appropriate care will depend on your particular needs.